Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy

Being able to continuously distribute information on your products and services is imperative to the success of all organisations large or small. Paper-based information has now run its course and greater attention now focuses on communication as the default tool of choice to gain access to customers.

Having a technology strategy is about implementing a supportive role for all businesses to:

develop their own technology strategy
develop effective online-based solutions to enhance their business success
be able to choose and implement appropriate technology tools and applications required for their business success having a greater understanding of the benefits of technology within their organisations

The aim must be centred on enterprises, whether large or small, having the right kinds of tools and information that are necessary to plan, implement, and maintain their enterprise future.

The enterprise must seek to address access to technology infrastructure, and technology training and, through technology, empower their businesses to expand beyond their current levels.

Part of the task is to maintain an online community that supports the technological development and growth needs of local community businesses. Other tasks include establishing infrastructures that build organisations’ technology capacities at all levels, so as to support their industry sectors’ requirements.

We see the need for a more comprehensive technology-training program to support the growing online activities required by business people, community groups and voluntary sector organisations alike. We, therefore, seek to establish a virtual technology network infrastructure as a tool to empower, support, enhance and build the technological capacity of our core group not only locally but across the region.

our intention is to bridge the digital divide between black organisations and the mainstream and to support the agenda of the digital inclusion drive. Our strategic approach must be aligned with that of the city, the region, the nation and global

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